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"What's important to you is what's important to us"

Logistics is what we know, it is what we do, it's how we live.  We get excited about logistics and everything that goes along with it.   Maybe it is because our roots run deep in the LTL trucking industry prior to beginning NTC Logistics.  So, when customers explain their pain-points or struggles moving their freight...we really understand!  Having been there and done that in the trucking industry gives us a unique ground-level perspective of the ever-changing logistics spectrum.   

NTC Logistics not only helps you with the every day shipments, but we embrace your most challenging and problematic shipments.  Count on NTC Logistics for solutions when oversized transactional logistics companies underperform.      

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Your shipments are more than a transaction to NTC Logistics.

We know it’s a crowded market with many logistics and shipping providers making promise after promise in order to gain your trust and, ultimately, your business.  How do you decide?  What makes one company stand-out from the rest?  After many years in the transportation industry we understand what clients want from a true logistics partner.

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When we created NTC Logistics we did so with the goal of being different from the rest.  We’ve already built an LTL company and understand the industry from the inside.  So what sets us apart?  Our value-added relationships with each of our clients is at the core of our mission.  It goes without saying that your shipments must arrive at the right place and at the right time.  The NTC Logistics team takes it further by aligning with you as your strategic partner in a complicated logistics world.

Company Profile

  • NTC Logistics, is a nationwide provider of highly efficient shipping and carrier services combined with a high level of customer care rarely experienced in the logistics world.

  • Built by industry veterans, experienced at designing, and operating some of the most complex supply chains in the nation.

  • Our roots go back as a 40-year old trusted & respected LTL Transport Company.

  • NTC Logistics focuses on providing Logistics Management services (LMS) and Transactional Shipment Management (TSM) services

  • Significant investment in technology interfaces to make the shipping processes more efficient and effective

  • A unique customer-focused account management program to insure continuous improvement and value to our clients.

NTC Logistics Freight Broker

Work with us, grow with us, rely on us!

NTC Logistics Valuable Clients

There is more to logistics than simply getting your shipments to their destination.  There are steps along the way that add value during the process that oversized logistics companies simply cannot address.  And that is where NTC Logistics excels.  Our value-added relationships with the clients we serve far exceeds the transactional approach offered by the largest logistics firms.  At NTC Logistics we strive to be your strategic partner in a complicated logistics world. We build our relationships on high trust, high value and high caring. It’s simple, your relationship and shipments are more important to us.  

Our Clients  

Strategic business shippers consider their logistics functions as a key to their success.  They are risk averse and work with similar type logistics companies.    


Strategic business shippers are price sensitive, but they also recognize that damaged shipments, billing issues and service issues are costs that must be accounted for.

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