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Emergency Construction Logistics

When disasters occur, it is critical to restore infrastructure functionality as quickly as possible.  Obtaining & immediately moving supplies to rebuild during a disaster is a major challenge!  Our Emergency Construction Logistics support (ECL) was designed for when natural disasters occur. 


A team of logistics professionals are assigned to your emergency situation and will move critical supplies during your emergency.  

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Natural disasters and emergencies come in many forms such as flooding, fires, tornadoes and more.  And whether you are a railroad, manufacturer or service provider...your priority is to get your operations back up and running as soon as possible following the emergency.  


NTC Logistics supports some of the industry's most recognizable railroads, manufacturers and businesses during their emergency time of need. 


Our Emergency Construction Logistics will get critical rebuilding supplies to your location quicker & easier than going at it yourself.   When every minute counts during an emergency situation, you need the support of NTC Logistics helping your business recover quickly.   


Our Emergency Construction Logistics includes:

Timely & accurate assessment of the emergency situation with a summary of logistics services.

Upfront pricing and expectations management 

Pricing for logistics only or pricing for product and logistics.

An assigned team specific to your emergency.


24/hr. availability, support and reporting during your emergency. 

NTC Logistics organized railroad rebuilding logistics efforts following the record flooding in eastern Nebraska. (March 2019)  The video shows side & belly-dump trailers loaded with rock (Rip-rap) used to fill in huge voids of earth as the flood waters receded.  NTC Logistics scheduled the delivery of an estimated 92 million pounds of rock.  

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ECL is a customizable solution for your emergency.

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NTC Logistics is a unique and fast-growing logistics company providing a personal level of service not seen before within the shipping and carrier industry.  We serve clients in metro and rural locations across the nation. 

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