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Emergency Construction Freight Services

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Our Emergency Construction Freight Logistics support was specifically formed to be deployed in your emergency situation! A team of logistics professionals are assigned to your emergency situation and will find carriers to move critical freight during your emergency. By having a dedicated team, you can feel confident that our resources will get your freight delivered and your construction project started as soon as possible.

Railroad construction repair materials shipping
Freight shipping for construction
Freight supplies for repairs

When disaster hits, NTC Logistics provides expert emergency logistics solutions to help businesses recover quickly and get critical materials to the jobsite faster. With a focus on railroads, manufacturers and service providers, we provide emergency freight logistics that are tailor-made for each customer's specific needs. 


NTC Logistics will get critical materials to your location and provide transportation of the rebuilding supplies needed to start the rebuilding process quicker than trying to do it yourself. NTC Logistics is one of the top emergency freight logistics companies in today's market.  We can provide quotes for materials and transportation or transportation only.  


Our  Emergency Construction Freight Logistics  Include: 


Timely & accurate assessment of the emergency situation with a summary of logistics services.

Upfront pricing and expectations management 

Pricing for logistics only or pricing for product and logistics.

An assigned team specific to your emergency.


24/hr. availability, support and reporting during your emergency. 

NTC Logistics organized railroad rebuilding logistics efforts following the record flooding  in March 2019.  The video shows side & belly-dump trailers loaded with rock (Rip-rap) used to fill in huge voids of earth as the flood waters receded. 

NTC Logistics scheduled the delivery of an estimated 92 million pounds of rock.  

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