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Excelling at Freight Logistics allows us to giving back & create good

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Give back to go forward

At NTC Logistics we measure our success in many ways.  One very important goal that our employees put great importance on is giving back to people, the community and the world.  We ask ourselves "how can we make the world a better place?"  "How can we be of service to someone in need?"  As our company grows and as time goes on, NTC Logistics looks to leave a legacy for others to follow.  

Companies need to do more than just make money, they need to give back and serve others less fortunate.  By giving, we inspire others to give.  At NTC Logistics, we believe can make a difference.  We expect our employees to give back and get involved so that they can be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Giving time, talent and financial support to those in need is an extremely rewarding experience for every business, employee, and individual involved.

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Preserving Family Values Through Business

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Most parents want to instill their deeply held values and beliefs to their children. Whether it’s a sense of personal responsibility, generosity to those who are less fortunate, an appetite for risk, the pursuit of education or other personal traits, parents generally want to instill within their children the values they strongly believe in. While most, if not all, parents strive to accomplish this it is becoming more difficult in today social, economic and work climate.  

NTC-Logistics empowers their employee mothers and fathers to take an educated and active part in their children's life.  The future of our world belong to our children and it is our responsibility to prepare them for the challenges that lay ahead for them.

Corporate Growth -  Entrepreneurial Spirit -  Endless Innovation

NTC Logistics strives each day to become a better company so that we continue to add more value to our clients, employees and people we serve.  We do this by encouraging our employees to adopt and grow their entrepreneurial spirit.   Employees are reminded that "while we work within these four walls, we can be anything we want to be with hard work and a strong entrepreneurial spirit."  

NTC Logistics has a sister company named Four the Good Life that serves specifically as a vehicle to grow and market the endless number of innovative ideas that our quality employees bring forth.  The benefit to our customers is true forward thinking from all our employees.

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