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NTC Logistics Freight Broker

Shipping and Logistics Management Services

NTC Logistics offers complete logistics management services. Our customers are businesses in the United States, Canada, and Mexico that have made the strategic decision to outsource logistics services. Our goal is to provide a fresh start and utilize the right tools for their unique freight shipping needs.

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LMS Freight Logistics Solutions

You need a shipping strategy that is reliable, flexible and a responsible–one that provides visibility to your carriers' performance, enables hot-spot analysis and provides the most equitable risk-based pricing.  With NTC's LMS shipping program, you can provide more shipping options to your customers, enhance productivity and efficiency throughout your organization, and gain complete visibility into the efficiency of your transportation network.


Our logistics management services include:


-Order Management; managing vendor purchase orders, shipment creation, carrier assignment and vendor compliance Rate Quoting; providing you the best method for receiving quotes on shipments.  Including the type of load, origin and destination, and special requirements.

-Shipment Planning and Execution; manages the shipment process, shipment optimization and consolidation, carrier selection and assignment, and online tracking and tracing.

-Carrier Management; provides carrier analysis, bid process management, selection and qualification processes, contract negotiation, compliance and performance monitoring.

-Spot Market Capacity Search; constantly checks the spot market for available freight capacity and contracting freight movements for each transaction fitting the brokerage solution.

-Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reporting and Information Management; increases visibility and access to information through multiple reporting options and information updates.

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