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Many larger businesses are abandoning their traditional logistics departments in exchange for a comprehensive freight logistics solution to improve their overall efficiency. 


Logistics management services from NTC Logistics gives businesses a fresh start using the right tools and most cost-effective freight carriers. 

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We'll work with you to turn your logistics management services from a liability into a competitive advantage!  We'll do it faster than anyone else in the industry and save you money!  Our LMS solutions will improve your transportation processes, enhance operational efficiencies, provides visibility to information and streamline reporting--resulting in cost savings and improved information flow.


Our Logistics Management Service keeps you in control while outsourcing the administrative functions associated with running your operation effectively.  Put our purchasing power, logistics industry "know-how" and friendly customer care approach to work for you today. 


Our logistics management services includes:

-Order Management; managing vendor purchase orders, shipment creation, carrier assignment and vendor compliance Rate Quoting; providing you the best method for receiving quotes on shipments.  Including the type of load, origin and destination, and special requirements.

-Shipment Planning and Execution; manages the shipment process, shipment optimization and consolidation, carrier selection and assignment, and online tracking and tracing.

-Carrier Management; provides carrier analysis, bid process management, selection and qualification processes, contract negotiation, compliance and performance monitoring.

-Spot Market Capacity Search; constantly checks the spot market for available freight capacity and contracting freight movements for each transaction fitting the brokerage solution.

-Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reporting and Information Management; increases visibility and access to information through multiple reporting options and information updates.

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NTC Logistics is a unique and professional logistics brokerage company providing a personal level of service not seen before within the freight and truck carrier industry.  We serve clients in metro and rural locations across the nation.  Call today 1-308-633-3560.

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