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At NTC Logistics, our mission is to create solutions to the logistics challenges of today by leveraging our in-house developed technology and personalized approach to each client we serve.  With over 175 years of combined experience, you can trust us to manage your freight from origin to destination. Contact a Team Member today to discuss how our technology finds trucking capacity outside of load boards, thus offering you more carrier options and competitive rates for your freight than traditional freight brokers.

Mr. Brent Holliday at SMC3

NTC Logistics CEO Brent Holliday, opening comments SMC3 Conference -Atlanta, GA

Flatbed - Oversized - Bulk - Liquid/dry Tanker - Hazmat - Special Requirement - Road/bridge building supply - Rail industry equipment & supply - Hay hauling & more.
NTC-Logistics Freight Brokerage
Shipping Service -Brokerage

Regardless of how frequently you ship, the size of your shipments, special requirements or urgency, our brokerage service can quickly meet the demands of your business. 


Our Value-Added approach in the trucking industry and our attention to detail for each and every load sets us above the rest.  Your shipments mean more to NTC Logistics.

NTC Logistics Food Transportation Services
Food Transportation Services

It is critical your food shipments arrive as agreed upon and on time to their destination. 

NTC Logistics is a proven powerhouse in the food transportation industry. 


With our experts in the food transport industry you can rest assure you are working with people who know how to move your food loads the way you need them moved. 

NTC Logistics Oversize load, Hazmat, overweight truck loads
Challenging Loads

NTC Logistics is an expert in difficult loads.  Over-sized, overweight, irregular dimensions, hazmat, uncommon product/materials, liquid/dry tanker, hazmat all present a unique set of challenges for freight shippers.  

NTC Logistics is your resource for all special requirement loads.   Call us today to discuss your unique shipping requirements. 

Freight Logistics Program Solutions
Logistics Management Service

Our Logistics Management Service (LMS) is designed as a comprehensive transportation solution to help large clients improve their overall logistics department while minimizing the frustration often associated with managing multiple carriers and shipments.  Turn to NTC Logistics LMS for your complete customized LMS freight solution.   

Rail Industry Operating Supplies
Railroad operating supplies

NTC Logistics delivers some of the leading railroad companies with commonly used supplies such as ballast, traction sand, crew water and more.   


We also provide logistics for heavy railroad equipment such as retarders, traction motors and wheel sets.   

Emergency Supplies Transportation
Emergency Construction Supply

Natural disasters and emergencies are an unpredictable occurrence in business.  Being prepared and reacting to emergency situations does not need to be unpredictable! 


NTC Logistics is an essential shipper and our trusted experts assisting railroads and other businesses with timely emergency logistics to help get their business operations back up and running quickly.  

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Logistics Management Services (LMS)
"A Logistics Game-Changer"
NTC Logistics -Industry leading logistics and client service.
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